Selling Your Home - Things You May Not Have Considered

I was talking to a real estate friend about small things that either result in lower buyer offers, contracts crashing, or buyers renegotiating before the Unconditional stage. Many things we think are obvious are often over-looked. Valeria deals with real estate and AirBnB and put together a brochure to help her clients sell their home better:


First impressions are essential, not only to attract your buyer, but also keep them interested in your property. It is important for buyers to envisage themselves living in the home as if it were their own. Therefore, attention to detail, cleaning and organisation are key points in order to present your home for sale.

Organise Yourself

In order to minimalise clutter in your home, you may decide to rent a storage container. This not only makes your home more presentable, but allows buyers to envisage their own furniture and style in your home.

A last-minute Spring Clean (ie garage sale) is a good idea and may expose issues with the home that you would not have noticed.

Time Management

You should begin organising everything at least 10-14 days prior to the first Open Home, as you may discover issues that will require more time to rectify eg. holes in walls, scuff marks or even rot/termite damage.

'Letting Go' Attitude

It is important to disassociate yourself from your home when selling. Your home is now a product being sold. Aspects of the home that have sentimental value to you do not add value from the buyer's perspective. It is important to see your home as an item for sale from the perspective of the buyer.


Serious buyers who visit your home will always open drawers and cupboards, lift toilet seats, look inside laundry cabinets etc. It is imperative that every area of your home is clean, including window tracks, garden edging and skirting boards.


If you have a pet, it is important to make sure they are kept in a separate area and not jumping on or barking at buyers. Many people do not like pets in the home (due to allergies, smells etc) and will be deterred purchasing the home if they know a pet has been living inside.


* organise a building and pest inspection prior to sale: many Contracts fall over because of negative building and pest inspection reports that could have easily been rectified prior to sale;

* organise for a professional bond clean;

* tidy up the lawn and gardens. Considering hiring a professional gardener for a day;

* keep bins clean, and empty;

* keep garage floors and driveways clean. Removing mould and patching up cracks will give a better first impression;

* clean the pool area, tiles, and even re-stain decks;

* remove or fix anything that could cause a hazard etc broken fence post, broken pavers or chipped tiles.


* remove and put away any family pictures - this gives the buyer a more personalised feeling when walking through your home;

* clean bathrooms and kitchen! Repair any broken tiles, clean grout, and mold;

* wash all walls and ceilings, and repair/repaint any scuff marks and damage;

* clean doors and windows - especially window tracks

* make sure all lights and power points are working;

* place any warranty booklets in a presentation booklet;

* fix blinds and curtains, or remove them completely.

On The Day

* ensure the house is tidy inside and outside;

* place clean towels and mats in the bathroom;

* add some fresh flowers;

* turn on the air-conditioning for perfect room temperature;

* ensure beds are made and rooms are presentable;

* allow for natural light in the home by leaving curtains and blinds open.