High Electricity Bills?

Have you ever moved into a new home or installed solar only to find your electricity bills have sky-rocketed? The power companies have conditioned us to believe that our little smart phones and tablets are responsible for drawing all this power.

However, the truth is that the power company is usually ripping you off! Each house, and most units, have a meter. But it takes too long for someone to get out of their car, search for the meter and cross-check the readings. So the power companies will just take an estimate based on the last reading (which may also have been an estimate).

So, if a family of six were living in the house for years before you, you may notice you are getting a huge power bill when you rarely leave any lights on. And that solar system- you may be getting a 'rebate' on power you are not even using because the estimate is taken bad on pre-solar estimates (even though you are getting a rebate).

There are stories everywhere of huge bills being sent to demolished homes and vacant homes, and this is the reason.

Check your own readings and compare with the power company records. The power companies charge a fee to come out and take a reading, but it is worth every cent to enable you to keep your own records. And if you catch them out, you may be able to get a lot of money back.