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Specialising in custom-designed homes, TORRENS Building & Property Consultants offers a complete sales, design and estimating service for builders and owners, to deliver quality homes, on time and on budget.

With over 12 years of experience in real estate, project marketing and building, including custom-designed pole homes, industrial sheds and kit/modular homes, we offer a broad range of services across all areas of the industry. 

For builders, we offer a superior and cost-effective sales and administration service, from concept design through to drafting and approvals, Contract and Selections, leaving you to focus on the build side of the business. 

For owners wanting to build, we organise all plans, engineering, site tests/reports, and provide a detailed Proposal and Specifications list based on your requirements, to ensure your home includes everything you want and need before obtaining quotes and signing a contract with your selected builder. We also supply an estimate breakdown so you know exactly where your money is being spent.


With our comprehensive Tender Pack, you save by engaging independent builders who don't charge huge markups for overheads, franchise fees and sales commissions... and no sneaky under-engineered or omitted items resulting in huge post-contract variations!


Whether you are building a pole home, cottage, granny flat or even a kit home, we ensure a cost-effective design and that your builder is including everything you want in the Contract. 

More Than Just Design



We offer builders a complete sales service including:

  • Concept Design with 3D and online VR;

  • fast Working Drawings;

  • estimate breakdown: simple to understand and check against quotes - no more cost-blowouts;

  • professional and detailed presentation documentation for clients; 

  • administration including obtaining quotes and orders;

  • lead management and reporting. 

Even if you have a display office and a salesperson, we work behind-the-scenes, liaising with your Leads and Clients, while your in-house salesperson works face-to-face. 

Building a new home can be a daunting and difficult task, especially building a pole home on a difficult block. We assist owners before securing a block by:

  • guiding you through the process - from obtaining site tests and reports, to submitting to your certifier;

  • producing concept designs, 3D images and online VR, so you know exactly what your home will look like;

  • producing detailed Working Drawings;

  • providing an estimate breakdown of the entire job - you take out what you are going to supply;

  • detailed Specifications;

  • assisting in obtaining all relevant engineering, site tests/reports before contract - significantly reducing variations;

  • providing a detailed Proposal and Specifications list to ensure everything you want/need is included - no hidden or omitted items!


With our Tender Package, you can engage independent builders and save on huge markups, franchise fees and sales commissions. Our Concept and Build Tender process can save you thousands and reduce the risk of over-capitalising on a block or purchasing a block that you cannot afford to build on. 


Owners and Owner Builders

The biggest mistakes we see when developers market land estate are:

  • blocks priced disproportionately, and not taking into account

       additional costs to build on different blocks;

  • sales agents unable to provide details on build design and cost, particularly actual costs associated with building on sloping sites;

  • sales agents encouraging 'cheap builds', which negatively   

       impact the appeal of the estate, and the value of blocks.


With over 13 years working in real estate, project marketing and building, we assist buyers by providing accurate, honest and reliable advice when purchasing blocks.  


Kit Homes

Kit homes are a great way to save 20-30% or more on your home. However, working through the build process is a complicated process - site reports, engineering, certifications, building materials... it can all be very daunting. 

We work with a renowned kit home company and help you through every stage to ensure a smooth process. Our service includes:

  • assisting in the process, from obtaining relevant site tests and report, to certifier submission;

  • producing detailed Working Drawings with 3D and online VR, so you know exactly what your home will look like;

  • a full estimation of the entire build and trades, and quote documents, so you can order materials directly from suppliers and ensure they are on budget;

  • producing a detailed Tender Pack including Specifications, Inclusions to submit to builders for quoting to build to any stage.


Owner-builders can jump straight into the building process without spending months researching and asking questions online.