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Specialising in custom-designed homes, TORRENS Building & Property Consultants offers a complete building solution package. 

With over 12 years of experience in real estate, project marketing and building, including custom-designed pole homes, sheds and modular systems, we offer a broad range of services across all areas of the industry. 

1. Design and Build Tender Assistance

For owners wanting to build, we assist you to organise all plans, engineering, site tests/reports, and provide a detailed Proposal and Specifications list based on your requirements, to ensure your home includes everything you want and need before obtaining quotes and signing a contract with your selected builder. 

With our comprehensive Tender Pack, you save by engaging independent builders who don't charge huge mark-ups for overheads, franchise fees and sales commissions... and no sneaky under-engineered or omitted items resulting in huge post-contract variations!

2. Kit Homes

For owner-builders, we provide quality locally-supplied inclusions and materials, and also offer a powerful project management software system, that walks you through the build process for your kit home, and gives tips and reminders along the way. We also provide an estimate so you can see what the entire project should cost, with you deducted what you want to supply. 

3. Shed Kits

We also supply quality shed kits using locally fabricated materials to ensure quality and compliance with Australian Standards. 

Whether you are building in an estate, a pole home on acreage, a cottage, granny flat or even a kit home, we ensure a cost-effective design and that your builder is including everything you want in the Contract. 

More Than Just Design



We provide you with everything you need to obtain quotes and a true Fixed Price Contract from your selected builder, including:

  • Concept Design with 3D and online VR;

  • Working Drawings;

  • detailed Inclusions and Specifications lists, based on your selections and allowances; 

  • we'll assist you in obtaining all the required site tests and reports, and relevant engineering documents;

  • we can also provide your builder with an estimate breakdown for their approval, to help speed up the process. 

Our Tender Package is extremely comprehensive and significantly reduces post-contract variations. 

All our plans are custom-design plans to suit your block and requirements. We also offer the option of lock-up or full kits.


Unlike many kit home companies, we offer more than just a kit. We assist you throughout the entire process.

  • full custom design, with Working Drawings are tailored to owner-builders, referencing the legislation and standards on the plans;

  • estimate breakdown on the build component, for you or your builder. You take out what you want to supply and see where you are saving;

  • detailed Inclusions and Specifications for your trades;

  • our unique project management software that guides you through the build process, with tasks and reminders. This is similar to what large project builders and construction companies use, but simplified for owner-builders. 


Best of all, we have actually worked with, and continue to work with builders, so we know build costs.  



We provide shed kits ranging from 6x9m up to large light industrial sheds. All our sheds are light-weight cold-formed steel, reducing the need for heavy machinery and excessive labour. 

We can also incorporate a barn or portal frame into a design for a dwelling, giving you a unique design and impressive raked ceiling. We include:

  • fast quoting;

  • all engineering relevant to the shed;

  • optional for class 1 plans and engineering.