Our design and build process is designed to reduce the risk of 'unforeseen variables' that can add significant variations post-contract. By obtaining all the necessary information about your block upfront, we can factor these variables into the cost while designing your home - avoiding disappointment, delays and cost blow-outs. 




1. Initial Finance Approval: It is important that you know your maximum borrowing capacity from your lender. Once you know how much you

    can borrow (based on your personal income etc), you can decide how much you want to spend on your new home, and we will design the       

    home to suit your budget (based on your personal income etc), you can decide how much you want to spend on your new home. 

2. Initial Consultation: We discuss your design ideas, inclusions and look at your block and all the related information*. A Concept Sketch may

    be produced with an estimate.


3. Preliminary Agreement: The PA allows us to obtain all the information necessary for a final costing for Contract.  We obtain Preliminary

    Designs (PDs), site tests and reports and take levels. 


4. Preliminary Design and Costing: Once we have completed your final floorplan, elevations and site plan for costing, and have all the relevant

     information about your block, we can produce your final costing, factoring in the results of your site tests.


5. Contract: This is a fixed-price Contract between you and the builder. The pricing is based on all the necessary information we have obtained.   


6. Finance Approval: Your financier will issue final finance approval, based on your plans, inclusions and Contract. 


7. Inclusions Selections: You make your final colour selections and choose your inclusions from the builder’s allocated range eg. floor coverings,

    kitchen materials etc. You may choose to upgrade certain items at this point. 

      From this point there can be no further changes to the design or Inclusions.


8. Construction Drawings and Engineering: We will produce your CDs, engineering documents, foundation design and other documents for

    council submission. 


9. Council Submission: Your documents are sent to the certifier for approvals.


10. Build: Your build begins. Your builder will provide you with weekly updates on how your build is progressing. We invite you to inspect your

      home with our building supervisor at each stage. 


11. Maintenance and Follow-Up: Your builder will contact you for maintenance and follow-up reports to ensure there are no issues with your

       new home.  

• RP plan and land ownership or Contract on land required. 

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