Rain Harvesting - Wet and Dry Rainwater Systems

What is rain harvesting? It is simply collecting water from your roof and storing it in water tanks. There are two main methods of collecting rain water:

1. Dry system: this is the typical system where downpipes run directly into a water tank or storm water system. Dry systems are a very system system, and dispels water quickly, so it does not store in the pipes and stagnates. However, water tanks need to be placed close to the home, which may not be ideal in some cases.

2. Wet system: having large or multiple watertanks close to your home my be unsightly, or not practicable, and you may opt to have them placed further away. The pipes will need to run underground to a riser tank. Because water sits in the pipes, a diverter is required to filter the water.

In-Ground Water Diverter:

An In-Ground Diverter allows a ‘wet’ system to be converted into a ‘dry’ system. This diverter ensures the diverted water and the water that would normally remain in the pipes empties out. The result – a ‘dry’ system that improves water quality.

There may be specific council regulations that specify what system is required for your block. Before purchasing a block, or building a new home, this should be investigated, as the cost difference between the systems can be quite high.