PV Sytems and Solar Power

Solar systems are possibly one of the most sought-after items on the market for clients building their new home. PV (or photovoltaic) systems use solar power to convert sunlight into electricity via a DC/AC convertor. The energy can be stored in batteries or fed into the grid. Batteries are great in rural areas where connecting to the grid is too expensive, or not available. The downside of using battery storage is that the batteries need to be replaced eventually. The cost of replacing the batteries may off-set any power savings that are achieved. Connecting to the power grid is a very cost-effective method, and there are attractive rebates for “sharing” your power.

The question arising from PV systems is whether a “licensing” charge or government registration will appear in the future. Could we have to pay to have our PV systems inspected each year or even have to register our PV systems in the future?

Despite this, PV systems are becoming almost standard in any home. And where once such systems where in excess of $30,000 the average grid system can be installed for $4,000 today.