All our plans are custom designed to suit each builder's client. Client's may use their own drafted plan, or we will design a home to suit your budget and requirements. We take into account your solar orientation, slope, surroundings, requirements and budget. 




Whether you are building in an estate on a narrow block, large unique home, or on a steep block, we have the experience to guide on your design and stay within your budget.

Our unique 3D modelling and walk-through videos let owners experience their home in detail before construction begins. 

TINY HOMES (under 150sqm)


Downsizing or looking for an investment property? Maybe you have a little getaway spot and don't want to spend a fortune on a new home. Or maybe you are looking to get into your first home on acreage.


Tiny homes are a cost-effective way to build a quality home for for around $250,000-$270,000 without compromising on livability.

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Second dwellings are a great way to maximise returns, add more room for extended family, or to downsize without selling your family home.  A second dwelling is one of the best property investments you can make without the costs of additional rates and site connections.