DIY Sheds

by TORRENS Building & Property Consultants

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Quality Sheds, Affordable Prices

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Why DIY Sheds?


Australian products - Everything is fabricated locally


Quality materials - We use Australian Bluescope steel materials


Precision engineered - Everything to make owner-building easy!


All engineering documentation supplied - Ready to submit to council


Save $$$ - Build yourself or hire your own trades and SAVE!


Great price - Compare us with any Australian product


Create Your Own Design

Our easy to use app allows you to build your own custom shed and have a quote sent to you within minutes.

We offer a discounted rate when you create your own shed design.

If you are having trouble creating your own, send us an email with the shed and door sizes, and the site address, and we will contact you to arrange a quote.

1. Choose your shed type

2. Enter the site address (correct address is needed for engineering)

3. Use the buttons to change the size, colour etc of the shed.

4. Click 'Create Quote' to have the final quote send to you.

5. Sign the quote and send it back to us and we will invoice you for the deposit. 



DIY Sheds only use quality Australian Bluescope Steel materials, coupled with precision engineering, so that our customers have the best shed possible. Here is why we are renowned for our quality:
0.42 BMT corrugated or trimdeck/trimclad sheeting (thicker steel)
0.42 BMT corrugated or trimdeck/trimclad sheeting
High-strength cold-rolled C-section frames, pre-punched for easy assembly, ranging from C15010 - C40024 B2B 
Tophats or Z-purlins. Maximum spacings 1500mm for maximum strength
High-strength custom brackets. Bolted, not screwed.
Embedded brackets for columns
Custom folded flashings, precision engineered for a perfect finish
Customised metal vermin proofing that sits flush and blends in with the wall colour of your shed
Colorbond gutters and PVC downpipes included in every kit

What Wind Rating Are The Sheds Build To?

Engineering requirements differ depending on the location of the block and surrounding trees and buildings. Each shed is engineered to the position on the block. 

All our sheds are built to at least 42m/s wind rating.

In cyclonic areas, we engineer each shed to suit the requirements of that particular shed. 



Can Owners Customise Our Shed?

Yes - See our customisation app below. Your can design your own shed and have a quote sent to you.

When you design your own shed, we offer a discounted rate. 

Your Questions

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Is Engineering Documentation Included?

We supply detailed construction drawings, engineering calculations and foundation/slab designs - everything you need for council approval. All you have to supply is a site plan and ownership details.

Engineering documentation takes between 3-5 days to produce. 

Is Delivery Included?

Our pricing includes delivery to many areas and we are driven to expanding into more and more areas. Some remote areas may incur additional transport costs. 


How Do Customers Save with DIY Sheds?

Most shed companies will contract concreters and installers to erect a shed - and then add on a mark-up. Owner-building or project managing yourself can save you 20-30% overall. 

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How Long Does Delivery Take?

Once you obtain Approvals, we order the shed kit. Delivery to most areas takes approximately 4 weeks. 


Why Are We Much Cheaper Than Other Companies?

With over 10 years experience in selling sheds, we have created sophisticated automatic back-office systems and processes to reduce costs and maximise efficiency. Our overheads are minimal and mostly covered by the kit home department. We also have strong agreements in place and work with smaller suppliers and engineers. This means that not only are we not having to factor in overheads, but we are not paying for huge overheads of our suppliers. 

TIPS for Purchasing Your Shed:

Australian steel: Generally, Australian Bluescope steel is offered in the full range of Colorbond colours (eg. Surfmist, Night Sky, Classic Cream...). If the colours are not Colorbond colours, the materials are very likely inferior, imported materials. Cheap imported materials have been commonly known to rust prematurely and even twist. 


Wind rating: Check that the wind rating of the quoted shed meets the requirements for your area. Many sheds are advertised based on very low wind ratings, which are unsuitable for council requirments.

If you are erecting your shed on a hill or open field, exposed to high winds, you may also need to increase the wind rating of your shed. 

Steel thickness: Steel thickness is important. Although the thickness only varies a few millimeters, the difference in quality and strength of the final product is very noticeable. Some companies will refer to TCT (Total Coated Thickness) which includes paint and primer coating, which is different to the industry-standard BMT (Base Metal Thickness) of steel. 

Components: Check the quality of the components eg. window manufacturer, roller door manufacturer, portal brackets and embedded brackets. Using well-known brands will save a lot of warranty problems.

Always check engineering details: it may sound obvious, but minor engineering specifications are often overlooked that can result in very costly rectification work eg. bracing not screwed in correctly, roof screws not spaced correctly. 

Basic building methods: it is a good idea to have a professional build or assist you in building your first shed. They will advise on building methods only learned by experience eg. allowing for roof compression and expansion. Larger sheds will require cranes, scissor lifts and safety equipment and are erected differently to smaller sheds.