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What is a Concept Design?

A concept design is an initial design idea of what you want to build. Concept designs include an indicative floorplan, elevations, indicative site plans, 3D images, video and VR*.


Unlike hand-drawn sketches, they are accurate in detail and size and can be used to obtain all applicable site tests and reports, and accurate estimates before committing to a builder. 


Best of all, you own the copyright to the plans, so no builder or drafter can claim them from you. 

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Why A Concept Design?

A concept is always the first thing you should obtain before starting any project or engaging any builders, drafters or other consultants. Even before purchasing a block, a concept design can save tens of thousands in 'unforeseen variables'. 



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obtain a cost-effective design, on budget, by an independent consultant experienced in actual build costs and processes;

designed to avoid expensive engineering requirements and other costs, so you get the look you want without the huge price tag;

obtain all necessary council advice and site tests before entering into expensive drafted plans and engineering;

visualise your design in 3D so you and your builder know exactly what your ideas are;

reduced drafting times and costs;

discuss building options and costs with builders with accurate, relevant information;

our concept design service is particularly popular with owner-builders.

We can also prepare Selections and Proposal documents, and help find a builder or kit home company.

Who Are We?


Our team of building professionals have experience in designing homes to budget. We have worked for builders and kit home companies, as well as owners, all over Australia, specialising in both slab and raised custom-designed home concepts.

With over 10 years experience, we have seen countless owners handed tens of thousands of dollars in 'variations' after contract, because they didn't obtain all the information about their block and design before entering into the contract, or were misled and 'upsold' on the price. 

Obtaining 'quotes' from hand drawings and apps is a sure-fire way to expose yourself to cost blow-outs, under-quoting and other issues. A custom concept design by professionals who have worked with builders reduces the risk of cost blow-outs and sneaky sales tactics. 

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Our concept designs can save you thousands of dollars in drafting costs, build cost blow-outs and under-estimations ('quotes').


All our concept designs include:

* floorplan

* indicative elevations

* indicative site plan

* 3D images

* fly-through video of external and internal

* VR (requires high-spec PC) 

* first design plus 2 changes

granny flats and containers (under 100sqm + decks): $550

standard homes (under 300sqm, no structural requirements): $1,100

reproduction of existing plans (with drafter/builder written consent): $550 

We can also organise a Builder Pack including:

* Working Drawings

* Structural Details

* Foundation Design

* Quote for site tests and reports 

We can also organise a Builder Presentation Pack including:

* Detailed Proposal and Specifications - right down to the number of downlights and switches, and PC allowances for all items

* Estimate on typical build cost -  perfect for owner-builders


Whether you are a builder, owner builder, or owner wanting to know what you can build on your block or what your home will look like when complete, we can provide a concept design to assist you in getting the build process started. 

Let us know what you are wanting, and we will get in contact with you to discuss further. 

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